1.Three Months nonrefundable / transferable study center fees will be Rs. 2100/-.

2.One time nonrefundable / transferable Admission fees will be Rs. 300/- which valid for 3 years from the date of admission.

3.Admission will be valid for the period of Three years from the date of registration and will not be continued further.

4.Duplicate ID Card charges will be Rs. 100/-

5.For Borrowing Books library deposit will beRs.300/-.

6.Book deposit will be refunded within two months of cancellation of admission.

7.Entry & exit register must be signed by each student daily.

8.Kindly keep your mobile phones on silent mode in library.

9.Membership can be taken from any Quarter if vacancy exists.

10.Study center will be open from 6.00 am to 10.00 pm.

11.Books will be issued for 7days.

12.Please handle books carefully marking or mutilating or defacing is strictly. Prohibited lost books will be charged replacement cost.

13.Books will not be issued without Identity card.

14.Late fee charges will be Rs. 5 per day. If book is not returned within 15 days cost will be recovered from library deposit.

15.Books costing Rs. 500 above will not be issued and will be available for reading at Reading Hall during working hours on working day.

16.Book will be issued during office working hours. (10.00 am to 5.00 pm).

17.Entrance will be against card only.

18.Management will not be responsible for any loss/ damage to personal property like lost of Mobile .Wallet, Laptop etc.

19.Management reserves the right to admission / cancellation.

20.Student will be held responsible for any damage done to property of the library.

21.To claim refund, original deposit must be produced along with application.

22.Membership will be stand automatically cancelled if not renewal within one year.

23.Any change in the rules and regulation will be binding on students.